About Strong Controls: We specialize in automatic tracking, monitoring and report solutions.  

Get monitoring and oversight for control and cost savings in Production, Processes, and Personnel

Building Reliable, Labor Saving, Smart Systems

We build complete tracking and reporting systems using years of streamlining, process, and business experience. One on-site meeting and plant/office tour is usually all that is required to get this process started:

  1. Your existing reports are examined with a desire to reduce labor costs, improve accuracy, AND "fill in the gaps."
  2. Some brainstorming and "Blue Sky—What do you really want" usually results in a workable list of immediate and future needs.
  3. An initial proposal will document the steps and the cost, and we can discuss and proceed from there.

In the case of the conveyor monitoring, your team can install the hardware and we monitor remotely. We process the real-time data, and program the system to handle any data anomalies. Typically we find a few complicated areas that require adjustments to the system. Then the system is fully functional for tracking your conveyor movements, production, inventory, and downtime.

"Exceptions Rule" In our initial audit of your processes and information workflows, we look to match and exceed your existing reports. Perhaps there are ways to save labor, increase accuracy, make improvements, and reduce chances for fraud. The system is expanded to handle your needs and "special cases", not ignore them because "that doesn't happen very much." Your needs are programmed into system controls, parameters, picklists, monitoring points and reports. The words "Exceptions Rule" was on a meeting room whiteboard for years at NCDS in Dallas to remind everyone to look deeply and fully explain their department needs.

Don Keller: Strong Controls Owner, and developer of MatMonitor™

From an early age Don has been around industry, with a father as a machine designer and plant manager, and grandfather as a patent holder. With the assistance of a select group of people, Don creates cost effective and highly reliable tracking and reporting systems. Over the years systems have been created for nationwide use by companies based in Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky - and India. Please see the Project Experience table just below that lists some of the higher profile projects.

Don and his team have the experience to understand business needs, analyze and create great systems. From early days working in hardware support — to a case management system for Chrysler and Toyota — to hybrid hardware/software systems such as the aggregate industry MatMonitor™ you can be confident in his solutions.

Project Experience

Systems designed, programmed, and supported long term:

Client Location Project Years Maintained
details Details
Dallas, TX Third Party Case Admin. System
for Chrysler, Toyota etc.
Yager Materials
details Details
Owensboro, KY Inventory Yard Barge offloads
Report Conveyor Tons & Downtime
details Details
Battletown, KY Quarry/Mine Production 1
DTS Dictation
details Details
Nashville, TN,
Bangalore, India
Medical Transcription Workflow/QC
for Vanderbilt, Others
Impartial Service Group
details Details
Dallas, TX
Legal Tracking and Documentation
automotive industry vehicle transfers
Lubriport Labs
details Details
Kenner, LA Industrial Laboratory Tracking System 20+
Legal Aid Fndn.
details Details
New Orleans, LA Legal Case Records Management 2
NAIC (Insurance)
details Details
Metairie, LA Issue Tracking and Reporting 5
Jolie Design
details Details
Metairie, LA Nationwide Seminars Registration 1
BCM Fndn.
details Details
New Orleans, LA Grant Analysis and Reporting 3

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Monitor Production and Process: How much, When, Where ? Is the work proceeding according to your schedule ? Government Records Keeping - Reduce manual labor, document and insure compliance.

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Standard Features

Record data points, Report, Summarize, Notify. Realtime audit of personnel and performance - Automated exception reports notify what is NOT being done or out of the ordinary.

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Dashboard Overview

Near real-time reporting - typically one minute - allows remote monitoring and strategic downtime/fault display.


Database Controlled

Database driven: Control tables and modular processes allow a responsive and flexible operating enviroment. Third Normal Form (3FN) data normalization means maintainable and reliable systems.


Features can be added or changed to support and report your "real-world" conditions. During startup we find and adapt to exceptions for maximum information suitability and accuracy.


Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.

A few Testimonials

❝ Don has developed a first class tracking system to track the variety of materials that we offload from barges and place into resale and production inventory. We are now able to track, with a couple clicks of a mouse, tonnages of product, by product, by the day, week, month, quarter or year. Incredibly quick, visually easy, and extremely simple to navigate. I am able to monitor real time to see what is happening at multiple locations, faster than making a phone call. Any time that I have had a question or request, Don has responded quickly, and accurately with a response or a solution. ❞
David Payne     Yager Materials - Site Operations Manager

❝ Our relationship goes back 20 years. We had a totally automated electronic office in 1988. We connected to Chrysler, Toyota, and Honda mainframes, and saved significant labor and dollars. Due to our tracking systems we won contracts in the face of stiff competition. Our CFO reported that we saved $285,000 in labor costs alone in 6 months due to Don Keller's technology. Don designed and programmed our systems for well over 10 years. ❞
Lester Wolff     NCDS President - Arbitration/Mediation

❝ In 1985 Don successfully built a workflow process for 100 workers from my whiteboard conceptual diagram. The process created a stable and secure manufacturing/transcribing environment for the quality control of medical documents for hospitals. In 2005 Don built a very complex and elegant web portal for my medical transcription company in Nashville, Tennessee. I recommend Don Keller with no reservations as a talented designer and builder of Web and workflow products and as a sterling human being. ❞
Doug Hardwick     President - Dictation Inc. Medical Transcription

❝ Stumbling into Don Keller has been a highlight of my professional career. My company partnered with Don during the creation of the MatMonitor product. I could spend time describing Don's commitment to his customer and technical skills, they are great and many, but it would not do the man justice. The ROI his systems bring customers are real, however long after the monetary savings have been forgotten the man will be remembered. There is a warmth, generosity, and spirit to him that speaks of a bygone era.
For most of us there are few business relationships that end in true friendship. For Don I believe it's the only kind he pursues. You'll hire a contractor only to end up with a partner and friend. Trusting a project to Don and Strong Controls is trust well placed. ❞
Drew Baryenbruch     RTA Automation - Industrial Interfaces

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