MatMonitor™ Technical Details

On-site recorder forwards to our Cloud server for the perfect combination of secured, high reliability, low maintenance, low cost data recording and reporting.

On Site Requirements

• Local Network
Ethnernet: Wired and Wireless Ubiquiti
• Data Collector
MatMaster™ Poll, Store, Forward (Required)
• Tablet
Industrial Android
7 or 10 inch
• Internet
Connects to our Cloud Server

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  Information Flow

The Conveyor Belt scale / monitored device is polled "once a minute" via Modbus over Ethernet by the MatMaster™ industrial store and forward controller. The belt speed, product weight, timestamp, etc. are stored in the controller database. A connection is then opened up and the data is sent to the cloud server. Should the internet connect fail, auto-recovery will insure data is tranferred when connection resumes. We have had outages outside of our control of over a week, and all data was succesfully transferred and recorded.

Operators can use an industrial hardened tablet to enter product, barge, downtimes reasons, etc. The custom tablet screen will allow the operator to augment your specific material flow and process steps. Tablets connect to the Cloud server via the internet. Data entry is totally controlled by pre-defined data entry fields.

• CLOUD SERVER                                
The MatMonitor™ servers are located in the InMotion Hosting secure data center in Virgina, USA. This assures continuous power, data security, and reduced IT costs for our clients. It also makes multi-scale and multi-location companies able to come on-line without having a server. All your production data is stored in the cloud, as well as: company/site/location/scale settings, Operator and Manager security settings, predefined product picklists and report formats.

Since the system has been in field use since 2016, there are a wide range of reports. Real-time reports show product movement and the status of each monitored device/scale. A day-by-day KPI (Key Performance report) is one of the main features of the system, showing Conveyor and Product Starts and Stops. The KPI includes an automated day/evening weather report with Temperature, Wind etc. to inform management of the general conditions twice a day. Reports are available for daily production, Product Movement, Loads/Transfers and Unloads. Operators and managers can view reports using a smartphone, tablet or desktop. The system is built on the "need to know" basis, with multi-level security controlling which reports are available to each type of user. The systems also differentiates between local and remote Manager/Owner access.


In addition to only allowing https: high security access, the system has multi-level security. Operators are allowed to see only their operational screen and reports on an "as needed" basis. Managers and Owners have different security levels. The cloud server provides security since Managers get reports without a direct connection to the plant/office. In addition, each person is set to be restricted by IP address to allow use:
      1. Only on Plant/Office,   2. At specific IP Addresses,   3. Roaming

Custom Configuration

Although there are many settable parameters built in, your specific needs might differ. The system is designed as modules: CAPTURE - STORE - PROCESS - CONSOLIDATE - REPORT and can be configured to suit different device/scale and front end controllers, data sources, report types, and remote management overviews. If your device/scale can communicate , on Ethernet or otherwise, contact us for a quote. Note: If you require different report types, or raw or cooked data outputs for your internal system, feel free to contact us.